Pilot editorial: Norfolk in the shadows again

In case you missed it, Sunday’s Virginian-Pilot had an on-point editorial about the latest happenings in Norfolk, as I pointed out in this post. The ending, though, was quite thought-provoking:

But City Hall’s propensity to hide problems rather than acknowledging them begs one unavoidable question: What other troubles lurk in the city’s shadows?

What, indeed.


One thought on “Pilot editorial: Norfolk in the shadows again

  1. The story about the finger pointing surrounding Mr. Holton’s death, unfortunately, didn’t shock me. I guess I was surprised, I had hope that things were becoming more transparent in Norfolk.

    Another story over the weekend, in the Compass, Harry Minium spoke about the unfairness of city actions surrounding hours of operation for some of our businesses. If nothing else, the city should be treating all new businesses the same. And if an existing business decides to make major changes, they should have to give up their right to the “grandfathered” advantages. They then make a business decision about what is better for their business.

    In that story, my biggest disappointment was with Tommy Smigiel. He spoke about the unfairness of the actions and then voted for them. I don’t understand voting for something to which you are opposed. I was also disappointed that Andy Protogyrou voted in favor of the unfair action, but at least he didn’t speak against it.

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