Not happy

Elections have consequences. Today, I’m pretty upset with both parties. A big fail for not doing more to make the elections in Virginia more competitive. Only seven of the 26 contested Senate races were decided by 10 points or less. I haven’t pulled the numbers on the House side, but my guess is it is similar.

My thanks to Robin Abbott, Bill Barlow, Adrianne Bennett, and Gary West, in particular, and all of the other candidates who did not win yesterday for offering yourselves for service to the Commonwealth.

My congratulations to Mamie Locke, John Miller and my Senator, Ralph Northam, in particular, and all of the other winners yesterday. Please make us proud.


8 thoughts on “Not happy

  1. One hopeful note is the VP’s article this morning featuring young people who participated in the conduct of yesterday’s elections. I would guess their parents are politically active and I hope they continue to follow in their footsteps. A thousand years ago when I was working for a U.S. President young people would ask how I got my job. I explained that I started out stuffing envelopes, walking precincts, listening to people, which nurtured in me a real passion for public service. I was also fortunate to work with political leaders who were civil, respectful, and who behaved themselves. Today’s political antics and media excesses make public policy and elective politics repugnant to too many of us. Let’s hope a new generation will elevate our discourse, our civility and our participation in community life.

  2. Am I correct that the composition of the House of Delegates will be 68 Republicans and 32 Democrats?? (Counting indepedents with who they vote with most times)

    1. As of now it appears that way. There will be a recount in the new 87th House District in NoVa, where the Republican only led by 50 votes after initial counting.

  3. Thank you Gary West for running a great campaign. With almost no help from the DPVa. You ask people to run, then you shun them. Thank you Gary and LInda for putting on a positve campaign and making us proud in the 94th. Redisticting make this almost impossibe.

  4. Vivian I see a plus side – I get to really get my radical side back now- take to the streets – go to general assembly- invade- have fun- you knwo the fun stuff.

  5. It’s always more fun to be the barbarian at the gate – except there are folks whose ability to live free, have a chance at a better life, are trying to get their kids through school, are trying to get to work through gridlock,are simply trying to find their next meal or a decent doctor to take their sick kid to, etc. When you start thinking of those issues, our little political games suddenly seem minuscule.

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