Cumberland County voted out 4 of 5 Supervisors last Tuesday

After waiting until Wednesday evening for results, Cumberland County voters finally knew who would represent District 3 as a supervisor. A voting machine malfunction at 6:30AM on voting day caused the totals to not be able to be read by the poll workers and the Registrar. SBE personnel had to come to Cumberland to work on the voting machine.

Here are the results of the election:

  • District 1- There was no challenger. Bill Osl retains his seat.
  • District 2- In a three way race, Lloyd Banks handily beat incumbent Tim Kennel and former supervisor Cliff White.
  • District 3 – Kevin Ingle easily beat incumbent and current chair Van Petty.
  • District 4 – In another three way race, David Meinhardt won over incumbent Elbert Womack and challenger Bill Bruce.
  • District 5 – Initially, incumbent Bobby Oertel declined to run. As the race got closer on the calendar, he mounted an unsuccessful write-in campaign against current Planning Commission Vice-Chair Parker Wheeler.

All constitutional officers were reelected with no opposition. Commissioner of the Revenue, Commonwealth Attorney, Treasurer, and Sheriff.

The fact that there is a big changeover in the Board of Supervisors is an indication of widespread dissatisfaction. Some fast and shady deals have happened in Cumberland, and the voters are sick of it.

Industry is not drawn here because the show that gets put on by the government here is just that: a show. The election year two cent reduction in property taxes is a great example. After overspending and over-borrowing, the county did not have the money to fulfill the promise of debt payments on the new school buildings. They were forced to raise taxes to meet their/our obligations.

They raised taxes by $.18 on a hundred dollars of valuation. It was a big economic hit on an ever-older citizenry for the mistakes of people who couldn’t quit spending our money.

People were not able to pay the increase, and had to resort to borrowing or asking family for help.

There are no staggered terms on either the Board of Supervisors or the School Board. This problem needs to get taken care of soon.


5 thoughts on “Cumberland County voted out 4 of 5 Supervisors last Tuesday

    1. When the School Board was changed by referendum to be elected instead of appointed, the code should have been followed. At this point, we would have had staggered terms for that body.

      To my knowledge, the BOS has never had staggered terms, and has done nothing to change that. 4 out of 5 leave, all that institutional memory goes out the door with them. New supervisors need to learn what to do, rules of order, etc.

      I am glad there was such a turnover, but it creates other problems that are troubling in their own right.

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