Looking ahead

My latest op-ed appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Wednesday. It’s a look ahead to what’s coming in 2012. Obviously, it’s not all-inclusive, as there will be other local races both in May and in November around here.

But first we have get past the General Assembly session. If nothing else, the session will be interesting to watch, simply to see if the Republican majorities exercise restraint or go full bore on getting legislation on social conservative issues passed. As to what is coming, I think this article sums it up pretty well.

One other thing: I honestly don’t expect there will be many 20-20 ties in the Senate. Recall, if you will, that there was one 20-20 vote in the Senate this past session, one in which two Democrats voted with the Republicans. On any given day, there are two to four Democrats that might side with the Republicans on these and other issues. Expecting the Democrats to vote as a block is wishful thinking.

I am reminded of Rev. Martin Niemoller’s words, which you can find on my Favorite Quotes page. This video captures the essence of it and what lies ahead.