Monday morning quarterback: Redskins lose another

I didn’t event waste my time putting this into the “fun stuff” category because there was nothing fun about watching the Washington Redskins lose another game yesterday.

Unlike Tom Robinson, I gave up on this year’s team long ago. Nothing will change until the team is sold. The players and coaches can only do so much; the problem is at the top. One article I read a bit ago said that they team is comprised of second-tier players who would never be starters anywhere else. I think that’s about right.

Even so, they could do better. What a boneheaded time out yesterday! Even I knew the Cowboys were about to get hit with a 5 yard delay of game penalty. While I have no doubt that it ultimately wouldn’t have mattered, the bottom line is that Mike Shanahan should have been paying enough attention to know it, too.

In the past, I’d turn on the Colts as an alternative. Not any more. With Peyton injured, the Colts are winless.

My Sunday afternoons are better spent doing other things.


2 thoughts on “Monday morning quarterback: Redskins lose another

  1. I think the you can make a hell of an arguement that Payton Manning is the NFL’s MVP when you look at what the Colts are without him. When Brady missed a season a few year’s ago, the Pats still made the playoffs.

    The Redskins 2011 season was doomed when they signed Rex Grossman to play QB. Although, I think I agree with you that I don’t really see a playoff quality team there, no matter who the QB is. The Defense isn’t awful. That’s about the best I can say.

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