It should come as no surprise that the overwhelming majority of black folk support the president. After all, it takes a pretty strong constitution to ignore the underlying racism that is attached to some of the attacks.

Al Sharpton says we should ignore the latest from Rush Limbaugh. I rarely agree with anything Sharpton has to say and this time is no different. Perhaps he’s just trying to protect his job, having morphed from the outspoken radical to what I call an acceptable Negro.

The old Sharpton would have been shouting from the rooftops.

The new Shaprton is just plain wrong.

“What is so hard to understand about this woman being booed?” he [Limbaugh] said, calling her “Mooch-elle.” “We don’t like paying millions of dollars for Mrs. Obama’s vacations,” he said, also complaining about her exhortations about nutrition and exercise. Nascar fans, he said, “understand it’s a little bit of a waste. They understand it’s a little bit of uppity-ism.”

Limbaugh knew exactly what he was saying and to not call him out just means there will be more and more overtly racist attacks. Death threats have prompted presidential candidate Herman Cain to obtain Secret Service protection, the first of any of the Republican candidates. It’s probably not a coincidence: after all, Barack Obama received a Secret Service detail earlier than any candidate in history.

Is Cain “uppity” too? Or does that only apply to “their” blacks?


5 thoughts on ““Uppity-ism”

  1. I hate to say it, but the Republican Party no longer has the corner on racism in politics. I think Herman Cain is an absolute joke, but some of the things Democrats are saying about him are way more racist than anything that’s been said about Obama. Obama is victim to a lot of underhanded, backhanded, and even subconscious racism, but rarely if ever does someone go out and say the overtly racist things about him that Democratic Pundits and operatives say about Herman Cain. Then again, Herman Cain plays the race card way, way more than Obama ever has, especially if you just look at Obama’s campaign.

      1. Who would have been an effective choice? Everything I heard about Onzlee Ware suggested that he would have been a disaster for House Caucus Chairman. Don McEachin would be the best choice for Senate Democratic leader, but I don’t think anyone was willing to challenge Saslaw (despite the fact that he should have been challenged).

  2. Your last comment was an absolute “peach,” and Ann Coulter knew exactly what she was saying referring to “their” blacks and “our” blacks. I am a white, Southern and blue-ass Virginia Democrat, on the Left side of centre, and it’s embarrassing to see the so-called Progressive Left inadvertantly let slip remarks that make dogs bark in my head. Bill Maher hides behind comedy when he talks about “your boy” Obama. How is that different from anything Pat Buchanan says? And Joan Walsh can resent black people who want to be part of he President’s base. Michael Moore and Chris Matthews have been shown to be nothing more than inveterate hypocrites who cannot stand the thought of an African American President. It’s an insult to their whitehood. And ALL of these creeps don’t have the courtesy and common decency to refer to our President by his title, instead of spitting out his last name.

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