Cooch for guv?

It seems AG Ken Cuccinelli plans to run for governor in 2013, setting up a battle with LG Bill Bolling. Maybe he sees what I saw last year: an Obama win in 2012, which almost certainly sets up a Republican to win the governor’s mansion in 2013. I just wasn’t expecting it to be this Republican.

OMG, Virginia.


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  1. There were many reasons that brought me to leave VA after six years but the last straw was Cuchinelli. Other straws include: right wing politics of state officials, the still unresolved issues of racism (from both sides), the gun laws, the attack on abortion, the terrible education in schools not to mention the principals fixing test scores, a mayor for 23 years, city personnel robbing the tax payees and getting away with the crime even at the level of the state attorney, the charging of taxes to individuals who strive for equal rights, the lousy attitudes and certainly future laws concerning people from other countries that are experiencing terrorism in their home lands, the lack of understanding of the poverty issues people are experiencing and on and on and on. Good riddance Virginia.

  2. If Kookinelli is the nominee, a blue dog Democrat gobbles up the swing vote and waltzes into the Governor’s Mansion.

    Kookinelli is read meat to the teahadists, but is far too easy to scare swing voters with.

  3. Way back when I was a democrat, conservatives like Cooch were few and far between. Ken “Conservatism” was so lacking among fellow dems back then I was a lonely misfit among liberals moving to the left of me. Truth is, Ken’s style of conservatism is lacking now among GOP too but he is a beacon of hope for people who believe in freedom, justice for all and less government intrusion in our lives. Ken Cuccinelli was tea party before the movement was hatched and if that is something you hate then hate to your hearts content but I admire the man for standing on principle and saying what I am thinking now and for the most part what I was thinking when I was a democrat.
    You people want more free stuff, free abortionmurder on demand, reverse racism, restrictive gun laws, “wing” politics that favor one party over the other despite the common good, abusive taxes for wealthy individuals that do not espouse your views, no taxes for too many.. how much is enough for you?

    And Eric, Virginia ia a great state to live in.. don’t let the door hit ya..

  4. The best thing that could happen to the Democratic Party in Virginia is the House and Senate GOP going crazy with right wing social engineering, nominating Cuccinelli, and running a statewide campaign on social wedge issues, which is extremely likely if it’s going to be Cuccinelli, Fimian, Obenshain.

    Cuccinelli might win, but probably wouldn’t because he’s too extreme. I could see Mark Warner running for Governor just to stop Cuccinelli and I don’t think he’d be a good governor either because he’s too ideological. People like that are not fit to govern, especially not with solid majorities in both houses of government. It could easily end up a disaster for Republicans if Cooch isn’t careful. He’d probably luck out though because Fimian would lose because hes an idiot and that will give the Democrats control of the Senate. This would prevent some of the crazier bills from making it to the Cooch’s desk, but still, one party government headed by someone like Cooch scares the crap out of me enough to not support him unless he swears off social issues, which I don’t see happening.

          1. Haha, I bet they had the same conversation that happened when he wanted to run for 2nd disrtrict. “Hey, um Jeff, you were involved in the biggest health care fraud in history. We don’t want to have to defend that…”

            And besides… !!!

  5. Are you saying I didn’t wait long enough before moving to MD? I don’t know, I was involved in civic issues and there are a whole bunch of people that feel the same way the “Cooch” feels. I have a great deal of hope for the future generations that will be more tolerant than our older generation.

  6. Like I said! There are people….
    I didn’t let the door hit me in the butt. Virginia is as you say a wonderful state, I left because of the direction it was headed. I have a real problem with a state that creates legislature based on religious beliefs. Religious beliefs should be practiced at home not in legislaturethat enslaved others by other religious doctrine. I better stop, I could write a book. Peace be with you.

  7. Bolling is a far better choice GOP. Obama will likely be re-elected and this would put them in good stead for another GOP Govenor. The AG is to problomatic in many ways

  8. Vivian, doesn’t matter that they chose a primary. Cuccinelli will easily beat Bolling. He has political skills, Bollling does not.

      1. It only matters because in a convention Bolling would just be destroyed.

        Steve is right though. Cuccinelli won office in left leaning and he is super good at turn out. Sure, he voted the same, but it wasn’t Cuccinelli playing champion for keeping oral sex in Virginia a felony. That was the old McDonnell. Where McDonnell got deep in social issues as AG, what has Cuccinelli focused most on? Fighting big government Obama policies that endedar him to Tea Party, libertarian, and establishment Republican alike. Ask yourself the difference between Cuccinelli and Bob Marshall. Many libertarians dropped their support for Marshall after his DADT inspired legislation to outlaw gays in the Va Guard. Yet, we still love Cuccinelli. Why?
        Make no mistake. The guy is brilliant and knows what he’s doing. He isn’t perfect, but he has my definite support.
        Cuccinelli will as Steve said, easily beat Bolling, even with Democrats voting against him.

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