Another view on Bentley’s firing

In Sunday’s Virginian-Pilot, a letter to the editor from Peggy Scott was printed, in response to the earlier one by Doug Knack. Scott wrote:

We elect them [council members], but with such a small number of voters showing up to participate, are we always getting the best candidates?

That so few show up to vote in municipal elections is a big part of the problem.

More than anything, I’m glad to see a conversation about the pros and cons of an elected school board taking place. This is what it’s all about: having folks participate in our process.


2 thoughts on “Another view on Bentley’s firing

  1. Of course not enough people show Up at the Polls. Further, the Bentley firing was a good example of how a appointee can be scapegoated. Council and school board assumed the man would ride in here on a white horse, with magic wond in hand and correct all of the problems and weaknesses facing this school system in 18 months. Folks it will take a generation to correct the most pressing problems facing the dysfunction among many of the poor and low income families which contribute to the poor academic showing and disciplinary problems holding back their children. Parents need to take a more active role in their child’s rearing and home training, including an appreciation for authority, their peers and of course the educational process. But a large number of poor and middle income parents are clueless and we see the results every day in so many ways. You can spend all the money you want and hire all of the “experienced” and “caring” administrators and teachers you want, but until this 900 pound elephant is addressed, we are going to see the same result from the Norfolk Public Schools and other divisions like it which have large numbers of poor and minority children.

  2. Thanks Vivian for keeping this dialogue going. However, I will be glad when we in Norfolk move from dialogue to action to arouse this community to “get off the porch” and take action at the polls and in their own sphere of influence. I would also remind everyone that the problems that ail us are complicated and complex. A comprehensive view and set of actions, including vetting, voting and holding our leaders accountable, will be necessary to address the issues of our schools, community and governance that affect our populace, especially the underserved and underprivileged. Certainly, parents have to be informed and held accountable. Certainly our children have to be empowered and held accountable. But our community and political leaders have to facilitate the environment to inform and empower us all. So I’m adding to the rhetoric but i have an excuse right now since I’ve been outside looking in the last year. Still see some of the same ol’ stuff though. I now understand a perspective of Jesse Jackson’s “Keep Hope Alive.”

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