Cumberland County Attorney asked to leave

County Attorney Howard Estes has been asked to leave, with an effective date of March 31, 2012. This information was obtained from a very reliable source inside the Cumberland County Government complex.

Not many details are available, but Mr. Estes at one time was making $285,000 a year for representing this county of 10,000 residents. In recent years, the county has fallen on hard times, and is $50 million dollars in debt. Mr. Estes was present as the County Attorney during most of the adding to that debt.

No one at the Cumberland County government had any comment for this story. It is unknown if this development has anything to do with the swearing in of 4 new Supervisors this week. The Board is comprised of 5 members.


4 thoughts on “Cumberland County Attorney asked to leave

  1. I wonder what a little rural county (with less than 10,00 residents, no economic growth, no prominent retail stores, etc.) need to pay an attorrney a quarter of a million dollars, plus for? What possible services could he be overseeing, analyzing, negotiating? He needs to give back this money to the poor in this rural community. How and why was this allowed by the Board of Supervisors? Who was the Board of Supervisors protecting – not the people of Cumberland, that’s for sure. Will someone please answer – how and why was this salary approved? It is obvioius that there was no government oversight, accountability, integrity or protection for the citizens of Cumberland County by their elected officials. We the people must take our government back and hold those elected accountable. The elimination of 4 of the 5 Board of Supervisors was the first step. People don’t stop their.

    1. Howard Estes was also paid for every committee that he sat on. Howard Estes was also the Attorney for Bill Osl Ag Renewable Resources LLC that has accepted Federal and State Money and has also did all the Paper work for Cumberland County Development Authority which is suppose to be a different Gov Agency ask how can he work for both and not give a Conflict of Interest . It has been figureed that Howard Estes has made 7 million or more since 2004. Bill Osl brought Howard Estes to Cumberland but alsomost everyone in Carterville Area say nothing or do nothing to get him out. Then there are people in Cumberland that are apart of the Great OSl team and that is Donald Bishop and the HArdware store on Rt 60 operated by a chicken farmer. also Cliff White is behind Bill OSl not sure why they have built such a team? Maybe because donald Bishop Grand Daughter was on the Cumberland Community Development Board along with Cliff white that also voted for the County to Buy the land for Ag Renewable Resources to Put Bill Osl Business and Cliff White is the Construction engineer and the Bishop family get the only jobs at the facility! Great Policeing our Government!!!! Accountability not in Cumberland just look at the Fire House and Court House (Windows) got put in by Bob Glass and that owner sat on the Board and he has to pay everthihng back after a state Investigation!! There is so much more like each employee get money to pay for thier cell phones!!

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