Watch Richmond

My latest op-ed appeared in Wednesday’s Virginian-Pilot. In it, I have one recommendation for our legislators: consider co-patroning an existing bill rather than introducing your own, particularly when your bill is word-for-word identical to one already introduced (like here). It would save me a lot of time – and I’m sure others, too.

The other thing is that with Richmond Sunlight, we citizens really don’t have to wait for somebody to tell us what bills are out there. We can do it ourselves. Yes, there are organizations that do it for us – organizations who rely on individuals like me to review all of the bills – but that’s really the easy way out. We can all watch Richmond – and hold our legislators accountable.

I’ll be back at it this weekend, although it will be a little easier: only 52 house bills and 24 Senate bills have been introduced since I wrote my column Tuesday.