Put Tuesday’s Norfolk council meeting on your calendar

The Norfolk City Council has invited the public to its meeting tomorrow. (Nevermind the poor choice of a headline, by the way. The public is free to attend any session of council.)  Two things will be discussed at the meeting – in the public session – that should be of interest to citizens.

The first is a briefing on the five proposals for Waterside. Originally, the council was going to receive this briefing in closed session but it will now be done in the public, informal session.

The other is an update on the restructuring of the Community Services Board. It is not clear if this discussion will also be of where we are on the whole CSB employee thing.

The informal session of council is where a lot of the work of council gets done. If you can make it, the meeting starts around 5pm at 4:30pm in the 10th floor conference room of City Hall. If you cannot make it, you can watch the live streaming of the session from the city’s website. And if that doesn’t work, you can at least watch the recording later, a link to which will be provided on the city’s website.

The agendas for both the informal and formal sessions can be found here.


5 thoughts on “Put Tuesday’s Norfolk council meeting on your calendar

  1. Don’t forget channel 48. For Norfolk residents with Cox service, you can also watch council meetings live on channel 48. Just another option.

  2. A) you need to get cable.

    B) didn’t see you in the background. Watched on channel 48

    C) Interesting. How could Stanley have known so little about the 5 proposals? How could Andy have been such a lawyer regarding the CSB debacle?


    1. A) Haven’t had cable for more than 12 years. Haven’t missed a thing. (I have DirecTV 🙂 )

      B) wasn’t there. Watched the live streaming via the website

      C) I don’t know how Stanley knew so little. And I thought Andy did a heck of a job on the CSB stuff.

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