Bits and pieces

There have been so many things I have looked at and read lately, I haven’t been able to write about all of them. So today, I will be leaving a few items here for you to look at when you get the time.

This first story has the unlikely title, “Another CVS Claims Uterus Is Required for Purchase of Plan B”. It seems two different CVS pharmacies in Texas refused to sell the contraceptive to the person who asked for it, because men were the ones asking. The article explores the timeline and what the chain drugstore did about the situation.

Does broadband shrink local tax revenues? This is the question talked about in the Daily Yonder blog. The answer might surprise you.

With pardons being talked about in the wake of ones given by Mississippi’s outgoing Governor, this ProPublica database is very useful. Correspondence from Senators and Representatives in order to respond to requests for Presidential Pardons are contained in this handy compilation.

The New York Public Library has a wonderful page with access and tools to make animated gifs from stereoscopic photos taken in the early 20th Century. Also available is the tools to make a 3D anaglyph. The photos alone are a reason to go to this site.