NPS meeting tonight on budget

The Norfolk Public Schools will hold a meeting this evening to “discuss the community’s educational priorities in the development of NPS’ Fiscal Year 2013 budget,” according to the website. The meeting will begin at 6:30pm at Norview High School, located at 6501 Chesapeake Blvd.

I understand the format of tonight’s meeting was changed last night and parents were alerted to the change via the automated phone calling system. (Obviously, I didn’t get the call, as I’m not a parent.) The format will be that of small groups, where each group talks amongst themselves. Presumably, there will be a report out of each group, as has been the case when the City uses a similar format.

If you can attend, please do so and let us know how it went.


2 thoughts on “NPS meeting tonight on budget

  1. I attended the meeting and the message was delivered loud and clear. The 3 priorities from each of the groups were the same–keep registered nurses in our schools, no cuts to Pre-K and keep all specialty programs such as Norstar, IB etc. Cost saving ideas were given as part of the discussion and hopefully the board was listening.
    Peggy Scott

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