Pitts on Trayvon Martin: the invisible man

Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald captured in this article some of my thoughts on the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

For every African American, it comes as surely as hard times, setback and tears, that moment when you realize somebody is looking right at you and yet, not seeing you – as if you had become cellophane, as if you had become air, as if somehow, some way, you were right there and yet at the same time, not.

As the details have emerged in this case, I have alternated between sadness and anger. It is a reminder that we still live in a world where it is dangerous to simply be a young black male. And it is a reminder that justice isn’t always swift. After all, the perpetrator hasn’t even been arrested!

Invisible indeed.


2 thoughts on “Pitts on Trayvon Martin: the invisible man

  1. It wasn’t even a week ago that I was collecting signatures for a candidate and some lady, who I attempted to ask(she really didn’t allow me to speak before coldly brushing me off), called security because a “homeless black guy was harassing her begging for money”… me, a homeless black guy… with a Stacey Adams’ shirt… and sunglasses… with a well-manicured goatee and haircut… with a clipboard in my hand.

    People really don’t know how destructive their ignorance really is.

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