Hurt, Romney try to fix a non-existent problem with anti-regulatory fervor

This is a story in two parts: One part is a Republican candidate for the nomination of the GOP. The other part is my representative, Congressman Robert Hurt. I’ll get to how they are both on the same page in a minute.

It is also a story of two parts, in that I stumbled over information on Rep. Hurt’s website. Some time later I saw a fact checking page, fully sourced, that was about this same information.

Both Mitt Romney and Robert Hurt are very concerned about ‘over-regulating’ America. I saw on Rep. Hurt’s website that he introduced a bill that prevents the EPA from enforcing rules the EPA says doesn’t exist. (Farm dust)

The recent fact-checking page (Attack Watch) addressed this same problem that doesn’t exist:

Regulators are always on the prowl. Under President Obama, they are multiplying like proverbial rabbits … a regulator would have shut down the Wright Brothers for their dust pollution.” ~ Mitt Romney

So far we have a Presidential candidate, a Congressman, the cosponsors of the bill, all chasing non-existent “farm dust regulations”.

I would like to see Rep. Hurt’s time being spent on actual problems. Almost all of what has passed the House this year and last are bills to prohibit, rollback, undo. At the same time the GOP has claimed to have a jobs program, but like every other so-called plan from them, it focuses on giving to businesses instead of creating opportunities to work and earn money and pay taxes.

If the Republican Congress can’t get the job done, it bodes badly for their prospects, if any this fall. People in this country are tired of watching the petty whining of Republicans such as Eric Cantor talking about how if the Senate would just go along and pass those bills…

Wasting time on fake issues and submitting bills to act on those issues is disingenuous and a fraud committed on the people of the 5th District, whom Rep. Hurt claims to represent.

Attack Watch: *

There is a reason fact-check organizations have labeled the “farm dust” regulation rumor as fiction: No such regulation exists. Here are the facts:

  • For more than 40 years, the Clean Air Act has monitored and controlled particle pollution, primarily from large industrial facilities and construction sites. The regulations are not directed toward family farms. In fact, these protections have existed for decades and include provisions to minimize interference with farming and other economic activities.
  • When EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson issued a letter about the final decision on updates to the particle pollution rule and knocked down rumors of regulating “farm dust,” agricultural groups praised Jackson’s decision, “saying it should settle the ‘farm dust’ issue.” National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson noted that Jackson “finally puts to rest the misinformation regarding dust regulation and eases the minds of farmers and ranchers across the country.”

Even Republican Sen. Mike Johanns, who wanted a guarantee that the EPA would not overregulate farm dust, said that the “EPA has finally provided what I’ve been asking for all along: unequivocal assurance that it won’t attempt to regulate farm dust.”

The only reason Romney and Republicans are creating a dust-up over a non-existent dust regulation is to gain political points at the expense of the truth.

* Attack Watch is a fact checking service of the Obama 2012 campaign, which makes no difference to me. Facts are facts, if they are correct, there is nothing to argue about.


2 thoughts on “Hurt, Romney try to fix a non-existent problem with anti-regulatory fervor

  1. Good grief. What a waste of time. I will say your article is correct that a lot of rules that apply to other people do not apply to farms at to minimize the impacts on the farming industry. I grew up on a large apple orchard in NC. People who had homes around us had much harder restricting on things like burning wood. However, the farmers could burn the wood when ever. Of course we had large tractors, water trucks and lots of people burning limbs piled as high as houses Sometimes the fire houses sent people out to train on controlling fires when we did it.

    However, the waste of time submitting bills about things that don’t exist is truly sad. To bad they can’t be called on it like if a lawyer who brings an inappropriate lawsuits.

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