RIP Maria LoPresto

My dear friend and occasional blog contributor, Maria LoPresto, died last night. Details are few at this point but I am told she died in her sleep.

Besides being an avid Jimmy Buffet fan, Maria was a dyed-in-the-wool, true blue Democrat. She had been active in the YDs, even serving as a national committee-woman at one point. She worked tirelessly on campaigns at all levels – far too many for me to begin to list.

I’m not one to toss around casually the term “friend.” Maria was one of the few people I consider in that category. We could fuss and fight and still plan, as we were, to go to events together. Just yesterday, she texted me about the Shad Planking tickets. (I bought last year’s, she had bought this year’s.) Maria was fiercely loyal to her friends, and I’m proud to have been counted among them.

My heart goes out to Paul and to her brother and mother, especially at this time. Maria’s mother is quite ill; in fact, Maria had gone to Charlottesville to be with her mother in what is expected to be her final hours.

Rest in peace, dear friend. You will be sorely missed.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend Maria.

    I always think of the writings of the Englishman John Donne when I think about the passing of friends. That part of meditation XVII I find most compelling is, “…any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved with mankinde…”.

    Vivian, I would offer that even though Maria was your friend, we are all diminished by her passing. My sincerest condolences,

    Bob H.

  2. I was committeeman while Maria was committeewoman. What I’ll remember most is how we became friends–both of us were relatively broke, and VYD had no funds to reimburse us for travel to the YDA national convention in Miami, but we were determined to go. I drove from Harrisonburg to Richmond where we met and drove down together in her little two-seater. We subsisted on fast food and used her Marriott employee discount to get a cheap room across the street from the hotel where the convention was being held. Fifteen years later, and we would still swap stories about that trip. When my wife ran in the Virginia Beach half marathon a couple of years ago, knowing that we’re Jewish, she insisted on meeting up with us so we could have lunch at The Jewish Mother. That was the last time we saw each other. The last time we spoke, she was calling me for legal advice to hit back at the Republican candidate in her drive to elect Tommy Smiegel to city council. She had a few years on me, but she had the energy of my two year old. She will be missed.

  3. I am shocked and saddened by this news. I met Maria while working at ODU. She was finishing her degree and working at the bookstore. We worked together on her job search, and even after she left ODU, we would ocassionally reconnect. She always had a kind word, and was always willing to step up and help out. She was a great resource, and always open to speaking with students, and offering sound advice and referrals. I recall the guidance she offered my daughter when she began at the bookstore.

    Maria was a kind and caring person who will be sorely missed

  4. I can’t believe this. God bless you Maria. Our will be sorely missed. I can’t express words that would express the way I feel. To Maria’s family, I am so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful person she was.

  5. It’s hard to lose anyone you know….especially someone as great and accomplished as Maria was. Vivian had asked me last year if I would talk with her about a paper she was writing for school on the subject of FOIA.

    When we began to talk on the phone, I knew instantly here was a person I would like to know better. Those few times on the phone, a couple of emails, and that was it. I, like so many others, thought we would get the chance to catch up with her, get to know her better. That ended up not happening.

    Although I didn’t know her, having never met her in person, I was instantly impressed. I wish now that I had caught up with her and gotten to know her better.

    We are all sad, and we are all diminished, as another commenter put it. We should all rededicate ourselves to fighting the battles she would have been fighting as a tribute to her.

    Rest easy, Maria. We’re taking up the mantle of your work as a way of showing how much we care about you.

  6. I had the great fortune of becoming friends with Maria during my campaign for the House Delegates last fall. We became instant friends and remained in touch. I just learned of her passing today. She was a kind hearted, intelligent woman. I send my warmest thoughts to Paul, whom she loved so dearly.

  7. I too am saddened by the lost of my friend Maria. I am still in shock. The Warwick High family is in mourning. Maria was a fantastic classmate and member of the high school band. I am left with the thought of us reconnecting on Facebook and sharing a laugh. Maria and I always could carry a conversation talking about anything.

    Love you Maria. God Bless you and your Family.

    WHS – Class of 1987

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