Chesapeake candidate op-ed: Kevin Amick

As per our invitation, we are presenting op-eds from the candidates for the May 1 local elections in Norfolk, Newport News, Williamsburg, Chesapeake and Hampton. The articles will appear in the order in which they are received and exactly as they were sent to us.

By Kevin Amick

My decision to run as an “independent” candidate for Chesapeake City Council was based on my concern over the direction the city is headed. Sure these are hard economic times and our current council can blame the economy for the current city deficit, but we have not been good stewards of our finances over the past few years. Our planning has been poor. As an Independent candidate I can vote on issues based on those issues and not party ideology. I pledge my COMMITTMENT to you and every Chesapeake citizen to: 1) Wise Spending 2) Setting Priorities 3) Managing Growth 4) Resolving Issues and 5)REMAINING Accessible to citizens. Bringing community issues and concerns back to the forefront to council should be a top priority. We need representation on council that truly LISTENS to the people. May 1st is an important election in Chesapeake, regrardless of who you support, do your part and get to the polls. A vote for Kevin Amick is a vote for the PEOPLE of Chesapeake.

Kevin Amick is a candidate for city council.


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