No to 21% pay raise

Suffolk’s City Manager will not be getting a 21% pay increase. Some people over there have got eggs on their faces: the consultant involved in the pay study didn’t recommend the raises for council appointees.

As an editorial today pointed out, our knowledge of this came only because of the efforts of the reporter:

When The Pilot’s Jeff Sheler broke this story by digging into the appendix in the city manager’s 2013 budget proposal, and found on page 265 an ordinance that spelled out exactly how big those salaries would grow, it was the first that most folks outside City Hall knew about this.

When defenders argued that the city manager was simply presenting a consultant’s recommendation, Sheler tracked down the consultant, who said the proposal wasn’t her idea.

Even though I don’t live in Suffolk, I appreciate the efforts of Sheler. This kind of stuff goes on too often – and we need the newspaper to help the citizens keep those who spend our money honest.