Pilot predictions Chesapeake: 6 (or 5?) for 7

The Virginian-Pilot editorial board published its Chesapeake endorsements today. As I predicted, incumbency weighed heavily on the board, with one exception.

The board did not endorse Debbie Ritter for re-election, opting instead to go with newcomer Kevin Amick.

For school board, the editorial appears to have endorsed five people instead of four, unless I’m mis-reading that part. (Which is entirely possible, given my fatigue level.)

UPDATE: It appears that I did mis-read that section. especially now that the endorsees are in bold. So that makes me 5 out of 7.


2 thoughts on “Pilot predictions Chesapeake: 6 (or 5?) for 7

  1. It looks like their school board endorsements didn’t include Bunn. The last sentence of the paragraph says “We recommend Johnson, based in part on her ability to bring issues to the board’s attention that other members may not see.”

    Also, the Pilot’s pro-incumbent bias never fails to be ridiculous. Their endorsement of Krasnoff basically says “he’s a dick, and he’s not a leader, but he’s been in the city government for a long time, so vote for him!”

    1. I wasn’t clear on whether Bunn was included or not nor was I clear about Boone. But I see now they have highlighted their endorsees, so I guess that makes me 5 out of 7, not 6 out of 7. (See – told you you I was tired.)

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