Election night results

UPDATED Wednesday, 5/2:

Were there any surpises in Hampton Roads last night? I think not.

The candidates with the most money won. Only a couple of incumbents lost. Slates of candidates did well: witness the results in Hampton and Chesapeake.

With more and more localities moving local elections to November, primarily because of state funding, I suspect it won’t be long before these May elections come to an end. I think that’s a shame. While I really dislike the lower voter turnout, I like even less the loss of the focus on local issues.

My congratulations to all of the winners. My condolences to the losers. My thanks to all who ran.

Original post, Tuesday, 8:15pm, updated 8:22pm:

Polls have been closed for an hour and the results are rolling in.

Norfolk – looks like the two incumbents have won re-election. Winn is above 50% in a 4-way race. That’s stunning. Winn has slipped below 50%.

Chesapeake – Mayor Alan Krasnoff is way ahead. Leading the way for the three council seats are incumbents Rick West and Debbie Ritter and newcomer Robert Ike. For school board, the four ahead right now are Tom Mercer, Jeff Bunn, Sam Boone and Victoria Proffitt. Looks like incumbent Tina Pullen isn’t going to make it.

Hampton – Mayor Molly Ward wins a resounding re-election and her ticketmates for council – George Wallace, Chris Snead and Billy Hobbs – also appear headed for victory.

Newport News – The only race I’ve been following is that in the North district. Looks like Rob Coleman is going to pull this off. I know Maria is in heaven smiling at this.

Williamsburg – The three incumbents win re-election.


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