Why isn’t everyone talking about this?

Forget the birther nonsense from what’s-his-name. There’s a much bigger concern coming out of Florida. And it seems no one is talking about it.

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but what’s happening appears to be a blatant effort to purge certain voters from the rolls. Maureen Russo is one, Bill Internicola is another.

That wasn’t the start of it, though. New laws passed made it virtually impossible for the League of Women Voters of Florida to register new voters.

What’s happening in Florida is outrageous and an assault on our democracy. Such behavior should not be allowed to continue. Somebody needs to step in. I’m no expert in this, but it seems this is something the Justice Department needs to look into.


5 thoughts on “Why isn’t everyone talking about this?

  1. Just a short time ago, Florida purged 53,000 dead people from the voter rolls. Everyone made a big deal about these “dead voters.” But being registered does not make one a VOTER. One has to VOTE to be a VOTER.

    Would it not be a simple matter to check those 53,000 names against the list of those who voted?

    Either no-one has done this simple check, or there was nothing there to report.

    Certainly, the registration lists should be cleaned up occasionally. However, just as one gets a voter registration card when one is put on the rolls, one should get a notice that one is being taken off the rolls. Make that TWO notices. If one does not respond within sixty days (“I’m not dead yet!”), then remove him from the rolls.

  2. What is going on in Florida is a big problem especially about the registering voters and the large fines. They are intentionally trying to stop groups from registering voters.

    Here his a good example of what went on in the registration problem that has caused the League of Women Voters of Florida and other organizations to file a lawsuit against the state. They stopped registering voters because if they are delayed for what ever reason (not just the groups delays but any) there are huge fines. This would apply if cards got destroyed in a Hurricane the group is still responsible to pay fees that would bankrupt them.

    The lawsuit states “The League of Women Voters’ entire annual budget of $80,000 would be decimated if only sixteen voter registration applications collected by its volunteers were lost in a flood, or if its volunteers took 11 days to submit the few hundred applications they often collect during one day’s work”


  3. On a similar note I went to a forum at the Steel Workers Union and they were talking about voter suppression. They had examples from some states. One was Tennessee where they had gone in and purged large groups of voters. An ex-Tenn State Congressman , who always votes, went into vote to find he was purged. They would not let him vote even though he had id and was obviously not dead and the registar knew who he was. He was so mad he turned around and sued the state.

    Now I think we need to make sure that people who are dead are removed from the voter records. Virginia does a good job in this. It is sad that other states are chosing this option instead.

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