Dueling ads in the 2nd CD

Campaign ads in the 2nd Congressional District have started to appear.

Challenger Paul Hirschbiel was up first. Monday, his ad “Teacher” began running

Today, incumbent Scott Rigell released his first ad, “Performance Review.”

The redrawn district retains most of its previous area and adds a portion of Newport News.


2 thoughts on “Dueling ads in the 2nd CD

  1. I seriously couldn’t tell the first time I saw Rigell’s ad whether I was supposed to vote or buy a Volvo. Not even joking. “Look how excited that middle aged married couple is to talk about options and finance packages with that salesman in that pristine showroom. I dig the spaciousness of the XC90, but I wonder if the 70 gets better gas mileage never mind it’s another guy running for office.”

    …Considering how low the public scores the trustworthiness of politicians and car salesmen when surveyed, I’m kind of amused by the guy who desperately wants me to know that he’s both.

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