Special election: Senate VA-5

The special election for the seat formerly occupied by the late Sen. Yvonne Miller will be held September 4. Unless I’m missing something, the only candidate on the ballot will be Kenny Alexander. (Seems to me there should be some mechanism for calling off an election when there is only one candidate.)

Polls will be open from 6am to 7pm. The district encompasses precincts in both Norfolk (list here) and Chesapeake.


10 thoughts on “Special election: Senate VA-5

      1. Not really. A republican would not get elected there. “There ain’t no point in talkin’ when there’s nobody list’nin'” (Rod Stewart)

          1. No one checks their spelling any more–not Democrats, Republicans or independents. News people certainly don’t. In Hampton Roads, they never have. Even before I moved here, I remember reading a biography of the Wright brothers that pointed out that the Pilot misspelled Wilbur’s name when they broke the first flight story.

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