“Legitimate” rape?

I can only assume Rep. Todd Akin, now the Republican Senate candidate from Missouri, failed 10th grade biology. That’s the only excuse I can come up with for somebody saying what he did in an interview Sunday. But that wasn’t the worst of his comment.

Yeah, you heard right.

…first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s [pregnancy from rape] really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

Somebody needs to explain to me what the heck “legitimate rape” is. Is it the opposite of illegitimate rape? Or maybe he was thinking about the efforts to only cover “forcible rape” – as if there is some other kind.

Akin claims to have misspoken. I ain’t buying it. I think he said exactly what he believes.



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  1. “Legitimate” here means violent rape, not just drunken sex with a friend during which the woman was incapable of giving consent bacause of her intoxication.

    If you would include the entire quote, he is actually correct, that pregnancy from violent rape is NOT common, and that women’s bodies DO respond differently to violent rape than to loving sex, and that pregnancy IS less likely in the former than the latter.

    He goes on to say that those defensive mechanisms DO sometimes fail, and the woman gets pregnant. So he did NOT say that a woman who gets pregnant by rape wasn’t really raped.

    His main point is that it is the RAPIST who should be punished, not the child.

    1. Narceleb. I do know people who were raped and got pregnant. No their attacks were not consequential. They tried to fight it off and they were still raped. Just because they happen to get pregnant does not mean they were really consenting to the rape.

      In regards to your statement saying it is not common. I think it is more correct to say it is not reported.

      1. And Rep. Akin also said, “Sometimes that does not work.” (Or words to that effect.) He did NOT imply that getting pregnant implied consent.

        The real question is, will we kill the baby for his father’s crime?

        1. When people make statements like it almost never happens , its very rare or sometimes it doesn’t work what they are saying is it almost always is the case and implies you think the person is lying. To then make it OK that you accused them of wanting to have sex with the rapist you just say well we are really only talking about the baby. When you continue to put these attacked women down you are discrediting them as a group and some people that hear you will believe that they deserved or wanted it to happen. Just look at how few rape cases get even brought to court.

          I disagree with you in my opinion that is exactly what he is implying or he would not have brought it up.

          Just like when you say “drunken sex with a friend during which the woman was incapable of giving consent because of her intoxication.” You are implying she would have given consent. Just because some has some alcohol does not give someone the right to rape them and that is OK. However, in court if you tell a jury a victim was coming from a bar they almost always discount everything she says. Sort of guilty unless you can prove you are a nun. It doesn’t make it right to do it even if you are using it to get across another point.

          1. > You are implying she would have given consent.

            No, I am implying that the extreme stress is not there. The odds of conception are lower when one is under extreme stress.

          2. >NARCELEB your comment > No, I am implying that the extreme stress is not there.

            REALLY again you are saying they were not raped because they were not “stress”ed . All I can say to that is obviously you have never been raped. Nice to know you can tell people who went through this terrible thing how you know it was acceptable because in your opinion they must not have been “stress”ed and the pregnancy proves they were not raped.

        2. Incidentally, criminologists and public health professionals do track this as a statistic, and the answer is that pregnancy results from forcible rape roughly 5% of the time. Which isn’t too far off from the frequency with which pregnancy results from unprotected, consensual sex, since the most important variable is where the female is in her ovulation cycle.

          Rep. Akin is just too freaking stupid and underinformed about biology to pass himself off as a women’s health expert, he’s too freaking stupid and underinformed about statistics to pass himself off as a criminologist, and he’s too freaking stupid and underinformed to pass himself off as a United States Senator.

          1. It certainly does — in the sense that it is an across-the-board figure with little variance based on whether it was a known or unknown assailant. But in case you’re wondering, within that limited variance, the highest frequency occurred among adolescents raped by a family member.

            But referring back to your initial comment, I’m sure it was the adolescent’s fault because she probably got drunk first and she shouldn’t have been wearing all of that slutty makeup and provocative clothing around Uncle Chester the Molester if she didn’t want to end up being a single teenage mother to an inbred child.

      1. my last comment was intended to respond to NACELEB’s’ first comment,althoygh it appears to be directed to SILENCE DOGWOODS’ comment just above. It was not.

  2. There are few things in regards to “political speak” that make me really so mad that I can’t get over. However, the justification that rape is acceptable is one I can’t get over.

    I have noticed it creeping in more and more. Whether its the courts allowing them to drag any little detail of the victims life in front of the courtroom while not allowing to mention any of the defendants history, like previous attacks or history of violence against women, in the court rooms (http://www.newser.com/story/123016/jamie-leigh-jones-loses-rape-case-in-houston-against-kbr-military-contractor.html ) Does anyone wonder why most women who are raped never report it when they know society is just going to portray them as a slut that did something to deserve it.

    Then we have congress who thinks anyone who is raped working as a military contract should not be allowed to file charges and take the attackers to court. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/19/defense-department-oppose_n_326569.html

    Now we have a jerk who thinks women who are raped can just turn a switch and stop from being pregnant. Well does he not grasp if there was such a switch that there would not be ANY unwanted pregnancy, rape or not, as that switch would stay off till you wanted to be pregnant.

    Then his handlers come out and make his say he mis spoke and he really wants to focus on the economy. Please he just spoke out loud what he believes and his handlers don’t want people to know how he truly feels.

    Maybe he should put an ad on craigs list to go along with rapist and he can tell the victims while they are getting raped to remember to turn on their “don’t get pregnant switch” while they are being attacked. The term “legitimate rapes” implies that most attacks were wanted or somehow caused by the victim.

    In some other countries it is acceptable to rape women on the street and it is considered their fault. The families then stone/whip the victim as it being their fault for allowing it to happen and bringing shame on their family. It makes me wonder if we are not heading toward this path that it is really the woman’s fault by small steps by our own politicians and courts.

    1. It sort of makes me with MB were here. I can’t even imagine what he’d write about this, but it’d probably read like German poetry.

    1. Speaking politically, when considering Rep King’s comments today that he has “never heard” of a pregnancy resulting from incest, the distinction seems hardly relevant.

      Speaking personally, considering that the variable which results in a higher rate of pregnancy among adolescent rape victims who are assaulted by a family member is that whereas other rape victims are typically assaulted on a single occasion during which they may or may not have been ovulating, an adolescent girl raped by a family member is typically raped many times with some degree of regularity over a period of time that can stretch for months or even years, the question of whether a girl was held down or merely coerced by an older, stronger familiar authority figure is so ridiculously pointless and abhorrent that I can’t even imagine how people who know you personally could tolerate being around you. Was it forcible or statutory… tap dancing baby Jesus on crutches will you listen to yourself?

  3. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, there were about 91,150 rapes in 2011; and of those, 84,767 (93%) were forcible. Assuming 5% pregnancy rate, that’s 4560 pregnancies.

    There are about 1,200,000 abortions every year in the United States. Even if ALL of those children from rape are killed every year, they make up only 0.4% of the total killed.

    1. The FBI tracks reported rapes in the UCR. It does not track instances of rape where the victim declined to report the crime for fear of reprisal or a desire to avoid the publicity associated with being the acknowledged victim of such an attack. So if you’re going to make an argument about how many raped and pregnant angels can dance on the head of a pin, you should probably pick less specious facts.

  4. > REALLY again you are saying they were not raped because they were not “stress”ed .

    I said nothing of the sort. An unconscious woman can be raped, and there is no stress. Heck, she may not even KNOW. (My cousin was raped in just such a manner when the man slipped a drug into her drink.)

    1. Narceleb here is why I am saying what I said. In your first post you said

      “Legitimate” here means violent rape, not just drunken sex with a friend during which the woman was incapable of giving consent because of her intoxication.”

      Then you went on to say “women’s bodies DO respond differently to violent rape than to loving sex, and that pregnancy IS less likely in the former than the latter.”

      Which implies to someone reading this and not knowing you that , as I said earlier, if someone had been drinking they would have given permission but they could not because they were drunk. . It also seems to imply with both sentences that you only see violent rape as Legitimate rape not a rape that resulted in a pregnancy as in your wording they are so rare. Then you go on to defend what he is saying.

      Given your comment about your cousin I don’t know if you are agreeing with the Legitimate comment or not . Not knowing you or your history I can not say I can only go by what your wrote.

      1. “Which implies… that… if someone had been drinking they would have given permission but they could not because they were drunk”

        It is actually irrelevant. Whether consent WOULD have been given does not change the LAW, which is that she COULD NOT give consent, therefore it was RAPE.

        I do think that Vivian’s readers have a good grasp of the law.

        1. You never said you were referring to the law but to what the Senate candidate said. I guess the real issue is that Vivians readers can not read you mind since you are not conveying it in what you write. Since I can not read your mind and you are not open to explaining yourself. I will quit posting on this issue.

          1. I think I have explained myself quite well, but I will rephrase it. Rep. Akin used the word “legitimate” when he should have said “forcible.” With that substitution, he would be correct.

  5. Absolutely false. Regardless of the adjective he chose to use, he would nevertheless have been incorrect to assert that the female body is naturally equipped to prevent pregnancy during a rape. He could have said “legitimate,” or “forcible,” or “bad,” or “afternoon,” or “underwater,” or “major league.” There is no credible, peer-reviewed medical evidence which suggests that the female body has any way of “shutting that whole thing down.”

    1. “[Stress] can affect the functioning of the hypothalamus — the gland in the brain that regulates your appetite and emotions, as well as the hormones that tell your ovaries to release eggs.”

      If you listen to the rest of the clip (which most news outlets cut out because the full clip actually makes sense) he says that that does NOT always work, and that women DO get pregnant from rape.

      1. Contrary to what the wealth of knowledge at babycenter.com might be telling you, peer-reviewed medical studies usually suggest that it is in fact chronic (persistent) behaviors or stimuli which cause anovulation. “Behaviors that chronically activate the limbichypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (LHPA) axis and/or chronically suppress the hypothalamic-pituitarythyroidal (HPT) axis compromise the hypothalamicpituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis in both women and men by reducing hypothalamic gonadotropic-releasing hormone (GnRH) drive.”

        If acute stress was all it took, we as a species could stop using birth control altogether; the momentary panic when worrying about the potential of an unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex would in itself prevent those unwanted pregnancies. Fortunately for the good people at the Trojan plant in Petersburg, condoms still remain very much in demand.

        1. No-one, not even Rep. Akin, claimed that those mechanisms were 100% reliable. He acknowledges that pregnancy DOES happen from rape, and asks whether the child should die for his father’s crime. THAT is the issue that all of you are trying to avoid.

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