Video: Warner’s remarks at Scott’s picnic

Remarks of Sen. Mark Warner


5 thoughts on “Video: Warner’s remarks at Scott’s picnic

  1. I can’t help but laugh uncontrollably at how uncomfortable everyone looks every time Warner speaks about having to work together with Republicans and how we need ideas from both sides to succeed. Even on video I swear that you can feel the tension around him. It must be difficult for him to have to be around so many people who are even more partisan than the people he was to work with in Washington. Kinda makes you wonder what he thinks about them in private, because according to Blue Virginia, it doesn’t seem like many “real” Democrats like Warner very much.

  2. The bottom line is we do need to be able to work w/the other side especially since the House is ran by Republicans
    but we need to make sure that the Democrats who are working w/them truly understand what we are willing to give up to work w/them. I think that is what I look for in politician.

  3. If I recall correctly (and I do because I looked it up), after the tax cuts of 2003 we had four years on increasing revenue and declining deficits. Then, Democrats took control of Congress, and proceeded to price millions of unskilled laborers out of their jobs. And thus the recession was triggered. Unsurprisingly, job growth returned several months after the last government-mandated increase in the price of unskilled labor.

  4. I should also mention that, to get the “consecutive months of job growth,” the BLS used the largest “adjustment” in history to get a gain of 163,000 jobs. NOT adjusted, we lost 1.2 million jobs in July. Despite their best efforts, the Household Survey still shows a loss of jobs.

    Oh, and manufacturing output has declined for the last three months.

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