Cuccinelli: “Agree with me or else” (video)

I attended yesterday’s press conference held in Norfolk regarding the upcoming constitutional amendment on eminent domain. It is a subject I wrote about in July, but I just touched the basics. Since then, I’ve been trying to understand the issue in order to write about it again, particularly because there are strong feelings on both sides of the issue.

Which is what took me to the press conference yesterday. I listened intently as those who favor the amendment made their case, in particular AG Ken Cuccinelli. For my own edification, I videotaped the press conference for later viewing.* Afterwards, I asked Cuccinelli for a few minutes, as I wanted to hear from him his answers to some things not addressed in his remarks.

Well, you can watch for yourself how that went.

After thinking about this a little more, one word comes to mind: bully.

Remember – this is the guy who wants to be our governor.

* – I have to say that it was difficult listening to Cooch claim that our constitution should protect our rights. Funny – the other amendment he supported did little to protect my rights.


7 thoughts on “Cuccinelli: “Agree with me or else” (video)

  1. I’m not sure I see any bullying. He was asked a question, gave an answer, and didn’t want to argue over the underlying premise of his answer right then and there. Perhaps he was a little brusque in abruptly ending the conversation, but that’s a far cry from being a “bully,” isn’t it? Have we reached the point even in Virginia where we can’t have disagreements without resorting to ad hominem’s like “bully”?

  2. I thought the question was well answered, the interviewer was rude and wanted to argue semantics because she disagreed. Unprofessional interview and misleading and slanderous article. Just FYI, I don’t know anything about this amendment and don’t have a dog in this fight. This kind of article and interview is what’s wrong with politics.

  3. I have a dog in this fight, and I support the amendment.

    Vivian, I came here, as someone who enjoys your point of view, to see your take on Cuccinelli’s visit. I watched the video wondering what he could have said or done to warrant being called a bully. There is nothing there. He answered a series of questions, rejected a premise of a question, and then the interviewer ended the interview after being told he was going to answer the question or the interview was over.

    The title of this post also says “Agree with me or else”

    That phrase is not uttered by Mr. Cuccinelli. To put it in quotes in the title is disingenuous, and I find it unusual for you.

  4. The fact being presented here is that Mr. Cuccinelli is only comfortable giving answers that fit his dogma, and when that norm is not met, he is automatically on a railroad side spur to the end of the road to conversation town.

    I am tired of only getting answers politicians ‘want’ to give to a question, rather than substantively answering it. I would like my answer now please.

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