Virginia CPAs week

It is “Virginia Certified Public Accountants Week,” as declared (pdf) by  Gov. Bob McDonnell. Our state society, the VSCPA, has a number of activities planned in conjunction with this celebration. The big one is this Friday’s Day of Service. A lot of us don’t need a specific day for service. We use our skills year-round in helping our communities thrive.

Personally, I’d like to see more CPAs elected to office. Sen. Mark Warner always speaks of his ability to read a balance sheet, which is great. But it would be a lot better if some of those who actually prepare the balance sheets are there to help explain the intricacies to others.

The skill set of CPAs goes way beyond just crunching numbers, as McDonnell acknowledges in his proclamation. So as I’ve urged in prior years, go hug your CPA 😉


One thought on “Virginia CPAs week

  1. Oh, did I ever hug “my” CPA a couple of years ago. My poor mother, living on social security and a small pension, got a letter from the IRS saying she owed them $20K. “Piddle-tosh!” said the CPA, a fellow I’d had doing her taxes since Whirlpool bought out Maytag and things went above my ability to cope. He straightened it out, gratis. Mom never forgot, and on the hand-written sheet I found after her death that listed, “Sugar bowl to May, earrings to Evelyn”, she included “$100 to that nice man who helped me with the tax people”. 😉

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