Be heard on privatization of ports

A public meeting will be held this Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center on the privatization of the ports.  Be there. More info after the fold.

VA Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton slipped this little note in his latest missive in The Virginian-Pilot Sunday. The state is rushing to get this deal done and I’m not convinced it makes sense. The citizens have to get involved in order to slow it down.


2 thoughts on “Be heard on privatization of ports

  1. It is curious that such a weighty and important decision would be seemingly “rushed through” the regulatory process. While it can be said that certain govermental business operations can be managed better (read cheaper) by private corporations or contractors, it’s not to say it’s the wisest thing to do. Private corporations/contractors have little or no skin in the game other then a desire to make a profit on the overall business they contract on. In the instant case, the state and port authority have an overriding long term responsibility to the commonwealth and the people for the long term viability of our port system. I question the motives of the individuals who are proponents of this action. Like Deepthroat said to Woodward/Bernstein, “…follow the money.”

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