Predictions on Pilot endorsements: VB 2012

Well, last week got by me and I didn’t get my predictions columns done, as promised. As the result, The Virginian-Pilot managed to get one endorsement done today ahead of me. If I had gotten it done, I would have predicted that they would endorse Will Sessoms for mayor, which, of course, they did, just as they did four years ago.

But there are other local races in Virginia Beach and with the guide provided by editorial page editor Donald Luzzatto, here are my predictions:

  • City council – At Large: Incumbent Rosemary Wilson
  • City Council – Kempsville: There is no incumbent in this race, although one of the candidates formerly served on council. But I predict the endorsement will go to Amelia Ross-Hammond
  • City Council – Rose Hall: Incumbent Glenn Davis
  • School board – At Large (2 seats): Incumbents Ashley McLeod and Scott Seery
  • School board – Centerville: Another races without an incumbent. I predict the endorsement will go to Leonard Tengco.
  • School Board – Rose Hall: No incumbent here, either. My prediction is that the Pilot will make a bold pick and choose Joel McDonald.

There you have it. We’ll see how I do on these 😉


7 thoughts on “Predictions on Pilot endorsements: VB 2012

  1. I disagree on the School Board At-Large. As both McLeod and Seery are associated with the so-called “Conservative Coalition” (which is neither conservative nor an authentic coalition), I don’t see either one getting endorsed.

    Otherwise, I agree with you.

      1. The McLeod endorsement makes no sense. The V-P endorse the same candidate as the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance and the Virginia Beach TEA Party?!? Go figure.

        1. I agree. They dissed Seery for not supporting the tax increase but endorsed McLeod who also voted against it. Also–misrepresented Dale as a ‘roman Catholic priest’–past tense. He is currently a married layman. Doesn’t the VP do any research?

  2. I have no regrets in participating in the VP endorsement process. I feel that I, and the non-partisan centrist platform I presented, fared well, and as such. got a subliminal back hand endorsement. I am still apprehensive about discounting the possibility of uranium mining due to sorting out conflicting studies. Also I emphasized the priority of expanding VB public transportation over extending light rail to accommodate citizens that solely rely on public transportation as a necessity for quality of life in lieu of light rail optional customer convenience. This evidently troubled them.

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