Predictions on Pilot endorsements: Suffolk 2012

Not knowing the Virginian-Pilot’s endorsement schedule, I figured I better get this done as soon as I could. Using the roadmap provided by editorial page editor Donald Luzzatto, as well as a re-reading of the 2008 endorsements, here are my predictions for Suffolk (note: contested races only):

  • Mayor: The Pilot broke with its longstanding tradition of endorsing incumbents in this election four years ago. I think they will again. Leroy Bennett should get the nod.
  • City Council – Nansemond (formerly Sleepy Hole): Incumbent Rob Barclay.
  • City Council – Sleepy Hole (formerly Nansemond): This is an open seat, due to Leroy Bennett having be redistricted out of it. A bit of a stab in the dark, I’m going with Kevin Alston.
  • School Board – Whaleyville: Incumbent Phyllis C. Byrum

That’s all the localities. In my next post, I’ll do the federal races.


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