ICYMI: A day of memories and gratitude

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in Wednesday’s Virginian-Pilot. I was, of course, thinking about Thanksgivings of the past – and the future. Re-reading one of my father’s old columns – written before I was born – reminded me that it is so easy to forget to be grateful.

And then there’s the food 🙂 The picture above is from my dining table in 2009. (My menu doesn’t change much from year to year, although I have come to love Praline-topped sweet potatoes more than candied ones.) No picture this year – I didn’t even bother to set the table, tired as I was after cooking all day. (Never again. Next year, I’m going back to spreading out the cooking over two days.) But I did enjoy cooking it. And I’ll enjoy taking some to my mother this weekend.

Hope you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Now – enjoy the song that has been rattling around in my head the last few days.

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5 thoughts on “ICYMI: A day of memories and gratitude

  1. “…We just cannot let hardships and heartaches set back or thwart our marching forward to a chosen goal.” Those are wonderful words. I really enjoyed reading your Father’s article. He used plain words to express his belief that we have much to be thankful for in this life.

  2. It is good to remind ourselves that everything we have, and everything we are, is a gift from God. We have more and others have less not because God loves us more and others less, but for the same reason that the man Jesus healed was born blind — that the glory of God may be revealed. As Jesus healed the blind man, so we, in the richest country on Earth, help those who were given less. Those to whom He has given much, He expects to give to others in turn.

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