Byler in for HoD 85th

Gary Byler, long the Republican chairman of the 2nd Congressional District, has officially announced his candidacy for the 85th House of Delegates seat.

The current occupant, Bob Tata, has announced his retirement. Byler is just one of the candidates expected to vie for the nomination. The 85th is a largely Republican district (map) with Bob McDonnell having received 63.96% of the vote here in 2009.


5 thoughts on “Byler in for HoD 85th

  1. These next state elections will be more competive this time due to the people who oppose your policies here in the Commonwealth are going to the polls and will be educated on the facts and the electoral process. We realized the mistake we made after the 08 Presidential Elections whre we voted and then stayed home for the next 4 years. Not this time.


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