Two Partison Christmas Groups

its_all_about_me_christmas_stockingWell this is just a quick observation. Maybe I am just more cynical this year. Maybe I have been observing to many partisan politics stories and it has caused me to see everything in my life divided.But here is a funny little observation I have noticed this year.

Recently I have seen people I normally thought of as the “what’s good for us all” group as new members of the “it’s all about me” group. Especially where the holidays are concerned.  So two suggestions. First if someone is arranging a get together with friends. When they finally get it all worked out and email the 20 people don’t expect the 20 people to alter their plans for another date because it really works out better for you if they do.  So yes just because you would rather change the date, time and location don’t assume that everyone else will be over joyed to plan around your schedule.  Second suggestion, it is wonderful if you have changed your diet and are trying to eliminate items from you diet. Then when you go to a pot luck bring what you can eat but do not expect all other twenty people to bring non-meat, or what ever your restricted diet happens to be, items because it really works out well for you.

Actually I have noticed several of my friends helping elderly people decorate their homes. I have also seen people inviting people with no family here to their family functions. For those people who go out of their way this time of year I wish you a happy holiday season. For the others , maybe you should stay in your homes until January. Just a thought!