Redskins loss

Washington Redskins logoThe Washington Redskins lost their playoff game yesterday to the Seattle Seahawks, in a game in which we saw star rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III go down. Others have asked if Griffin should have even been playing. My answer?

Um, no.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that saw that Griffin was badly hurt. Right after I wrote that tweet, the Redskins scored and had a 14-0 lead. At that point, Coach Mike Shanahan should have put RGIII on the bench. I mean, it’s not as if Kirk Cousins is a horrible, untested backup.

Yes, I wanted to win the game yesterday. But I didn’t want to win it at the expense of the health of a young man who has brought so much to this franchise.

Shame on Shanahan for not taking him out. As I said yesterday, I hope that RGIII has not done permanent damage to his knee.