George Will at Norfolk Forum

Columnist George Will appeared at the Norfolk Forum Tuesday night. I was there.

And no, I didn’t have much fun.

Will is a decent speaker, although he sounded like he had a cold. He started out with some fairly general themes that most could agree on. As time went on, though, he couldn’t help himself and the arrogance so often on display when he appears on TV began to shine through. Of course, that just prompted more of “that’s right” from the lady sitting behind me who couldn’t stay quiet during the speech.

A bright spot:  During the Q&A, some guy asked about Obama’s anticolonial ideology. Will – pretty forcefully – disagreed, essentially saying that Obama is the latest in a long line of American progressives.


2 thoughts on “George Will at Norfolk Forum

    1. How do you know how I voted? And what does that have to do with George Will’s arrogance? Or is it your own arrogance – as demonstrated by your presumptive knowledge of my voting history – makes you incapable of seeing Will’s?

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