Farmville Herald, rural paper – is behind a paywall

FVHeraldIn what is hardly a surprise, a rural newspaper in Farmville has put their articles and editorials behind a paywall. The paper itself has been available online for about two years.

I was looking for an article and when I clicked the link, a “Subscription” page came up. I have had my problems with them in the past, such as them claiming copyright on material that I had quoted from their paper, with attribution.

So what we have here is a situation where this newspaper wants me and others to look at ads on their website, but only if you pay again do you get to look at the articles. The content is not that special really.

And it’s not the New York Times either.


2 thoughts on “Farmville Herald, rural paper – is behind a paywall

  1. Again, we are slowly losing our “inalienable rights” for the sake of the almighty “corporate greed”. There are no services for you and I to buy any more, you pay for corporate America to get richer with mandatory contracts, no consumer services, options or rights. We have become a numerical value with no identity, you pay for their charity to the less fortunate through surcharges on the services that they sell. We, as the consumer, must be verified, validated, with personal data, etc. to unknown individuals in “Timbuck Tu” in the name of “privacy protection and security” by corporate American. (Yet you can validate who is receiving your information, you cannot get a legitimate name of the person you are talking to, nor where they are located and you don’t dare ask for a non toll free number with the name of corporate officer or the governmental agency with oversight due to the company’s right to privacy and their veils behind LLC status.

    The Farmville Herald like the others will soon learn that we the people will have the final say. I just hope – sooner than later. We must get rid of those who alleged to represent our interest but forget what they went into public office for. Maybe with immediate change, we will let them see that monopolies and commodities don’t rule and we the people do.

    VOTE, VOTE, VOTE – VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE and demand that the laws in which they legislate and enact protect us the people and not Corporate interest and greed.

  2. Who really cares about them anyway. 😦 I f they think their stuff is so great that they can hide it behind a paywall, then let them find out what happens when they reach the top number of people who will pay and they still can’t pay the bills because now the advertisers aren’t getting the page views. They’ll gloss it over of course, but, they;ll know and we will know it is true.

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