Immigrant prison Cuccinelli helped still looking for escapee

escape21The Immigration Centers of America facility in Farmville was missing two of their detainees earlier this week. As of this writing, there is still one missing.

This is the facility that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli bragged about not too long ago at a Chamber of Commerce lunch in Farmville. Instead of being part of the solution, these privately owned centers have been part of the problem for some time. Abuses documented in Texas and other states by private prison companies have been reported on, but have not gotten traction with a wide group of people.

As I said in an earlier story, it seems tawdry for the Attorney General to stand before a group of rural business leaders, to talk about how he intervened with his good friend, the head of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) in order to get an approval for this facility.

Is the Attorney General for rent to a variety of businesses to offer his influence in exchange for fealty?

As we already know, the Attorney General has a fondness for the stock of a company whose lawsuit was in front of his office. Until recently, he owned stock in Star Scientific, a Keysville, VA company that was in the tobacco business. They recently sold their Bailey’s cigarette brand.

Did our Attorney General tout the company at some point? Did he do the same for Star as he did for ICA? Will we know? Or will we have a Governor that has untold stories about undue influence? How does Governor Bob McDonnell’s problems with Star Scientific fit with this story?

The real question is, who will raise these questions in the public square and in an investigation? It is not a stretch to think that something is not being talked about when things don’t fit together. Our media generally has seemed to abdicate it’s responsibility to ask these questions. Not, all however.

If Ken Cuccinelli uses his ability to exert influence as a standard stump speech segment, or as an answer to a question, he should resign as Attorney General.