ICYMI: A candidate soaked in vinegar

Cuccinelli_JacksonMy latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-PIlot Thursday. I really tried not to write about the Republican candidate for LG, but when I opened my paper Wednesday morning and saw this political cartoon, I knew I had to.

The national press has had a field day with Virginia since last weekend’s RPV convention. I don’t expect it to stop; after all, there isn’t another election in the country this year, save New Jersey – and that one is pretty much over.

There’s an old saying in politics that Democrats fall in love, while Republicans fall in line. Some Republicans, however, haven’t gotten the memo:

So just how toxic is Jackson, who once said homosexuals were “very sick”?

“I’m not going to comment on him,” said Rep. Frank Wolf of Jackson. “I endorsed Ken Cuccinelli, I think he’ll do a great job. I’ve worked with him on prison reform, and he’s a very good candidate.”

But Jackson?

“No, I’m not saying anything.”

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, who also had endorsed Cuccinelli — and even appeared at an event with both men in Roanoke on Monday — did not return repeated requests for comment.

Rep. Rob Wittman speedily walked away from a reporter when asked about Jackson. Subsequent, repeated calls to his Capitol Hill office went unreturned.

Will this be the year that the old saying is turned on its head? We’ll know in 5+ months. In the meantime, expect a continued onslaught of national coverage of Virginia.

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7 thoughts on “ICYMI: A candidate soaked in vinegar

  1. Why do we let the national press drive our narrative? Evidently Rev. Jackson has a moral issue with homosexuality. Okay, so he’s not the most modern of clergy. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have insight or ideas for the most pressing issues facing all Virginians (including gays). Will he help create jobs? Will he be able to streamline state governement? Reduce wasteful spending? Make sure state services actually reach their targets?

    Virginia, stop looking to the national press for validation.

    1. Why do we let the national Press drive our political opinions. Their job is to report the news, and their opinions should not be stated during the news cast. If they have an opinion show, then is is OK to express their opinions.

    2. The intolerance that Bishop Jackson expounds gives Christianity a bad name. Rather than exhorting the precepts of the Beatitudes, the Bishop resorts to promoting discord among brethren.

  2. I think the National Press and Media has had a field with Virginia’s Republican/ Tea Party administration for years. If they, the Republican/Tea Party, ever gets smart enough to challenge Obama’s Gun Control Package and Immigration Reform at the same time, they would have a walk off home run.

  3. From a purely tactical point of the bishops odds are long. This will however make the AG’s race even more obscure then it usually is. Mark Obenshain hence benefits slightly from his candidacy. He can more easily focus on the technical aspects of managing the AG’s office as his main campaign line of thought. He will have the hard right at no cost and can run from the center

  4. I am curious why you felt the need to point out that Mr. Jackson “has never held elected office.”

    Did you not support Mark Warner in his gubernatorial race, despite his having never held elective office?

    Did you not support Don Beyer in his vice-gubernatorial race, despite his having never held elective office?

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