Video: Norfolk Republicans nominate 2

RPNLogoThe Republican Party of Norfolk held a Mass Meeting Saturday morning to nominate candidates. Just two met the May 24th filing deadline and were nominated at the meeting: Jim McDonnell, who is running for Treasurer, and Neil Bradley, who is running for sheriff.

The video of the meeting, which includes speeches from the nominees, is below.

Norfolk Democrats have nominated current vice mayor Anthony Burfoot for treasurer and current sheriff Bob McCabe. Current Commonwealth’s Attorney Greg Underwood appears headed for a walk this fall, unless someone files by Tuesday’s deadline to challenge him.

The Democratic nominee for Commissioner of the Revenue will be determined in Tuesday’s primary. Current position-holder Sharon McDonald is being challenged by newcomer Evans Poston.


One thought on “Video: Norfolk Republicans nominate 2

  1. I don’t know about you folks, but I rather have someone in the commissioner’s office that won’t kiss City Council’s butt’s. I believe that why the whole city council supports Poston. I’ll stay with Sharon.

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