Two must watch videos

Two videos on separate topics that caught my eye this morning. Each are well worth your time.

The first deals with the Cheerios commercial.

The second deals with economics.

My takeaways from the videos:

  • Racism is learned behavior.  This is not, of course, a new revelation for me. It is something, though, that parents need to stop doing. And if this video is any indication, a whole lot of parents are on board with that. So there is hope for the future.
  • Economic inequality is the next frontier of bias. This doesn’t fit neatly into our Republican/Democrat, Black/White boxes. That alone is a good thing, because it should bring together folks from all backgrounds to not only face it but work towards a solution.

5 thoughts on “Two must watch videos

  1. That blonde hair kid’s reaction at 2:17 was priceless, it’s kind of like the inverse of the black and white dolls from Brown v Board of Education. But it does beg the question of whether any advertising that uses race as a baseline could be considered racial or prejudicial. That little fact at the bottom of why they did this is misleading, they didn’t use a multiracial couple for altruistic reasons. More money was spent determining how every second of that commercial was going to flow, imagery and all, than most people will make in the next decade. So “ultimately” after a big research budget, they decided it would sell more cereal.

    If this commercial designed by market research, focus groups, and demographic analysis to appeal to a certain racial demographic isn’t racist, then why, just for example, does the Willie Horton ad have to be considered racist? If the answer is that one is positive and one is negative, then I think we really need to re-evaluate this whole “race is never an acceptable criteria” meme going through our culture right now. If race is never allowed to be a factor, we ought to outlaw the entire marketing and demography industries because both are almost entirely dependent on racial (see cultural) considerations. When Obama used racial sterotypes and language to get elected president, he’s a marketing genius. When George H.W. Bush did it, he was a closet racist (or Lee Atwater was…but we know from Boogie Man that’s not true).

  2. “Of course there are plenty of wildly generous rich folks. Just look at the growing list of billionaires who’ve pledged to give the bulk of their fortunes to charity.”

    Yeah — after they’re dead. Buying their names a place in history like Carnegie and Rockefeller? Sorry, I’m not impressed.

    “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24, KJV)

    Between me and my spouse, we are in the top 10% of income in this country. Everything I am, everything I have, God gave to me. Why would He make me rich and others poor? It cannot be because of any merit of my own, because any merit I have I also owe to His Grace. The only answer I can find is the same one Jesus gave when asked why the man was born blind — “so that the works of God might be displayed…. As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.” (John 9, 4b-5)

    And so I do as John Wesley recommended — Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can.

  3. I entirely agree that racism is learned behavior. But it may not be learned from one’s parents. It may, in fact, be learned from the behavior of the object of one’s racism.

    Whites can learn to be racist against Blacks because Blacks DO commit crime at far higher rates than Whites do, Blacks ARE more likely to embrace the “gansta” culture and ostracise other Blacks for “acting White” when they study and try to do well in school. A much higher percentage of Blacks are on welfare. A much higher percentage of Blacks are born to single mothers.

    On the other side, Blacks can learn to be racist against Whites when, because Whites tend to be wealthier, they act like the rich people in the second video. Instead of attributing that behavior to being rich, it is attributed to being White. White-on-Black police brutality sure doesn’t help either. Instead of attributing that behavior to the police, it is attributed to Whites.

    The problems really arise when one takes the generalities and applies them to specific individuals who may or may not fit the stereotype. It is easy to just make the quick assumptions because, well, it’s quick. It is an easy first filter. Sure, there will be some false positives and false negatives — that is the nature of quick first filters. But generally it is not a disadvantage to the user of that filter. That’s why he uses it.

    As for the interracial couple — I do not think of it as a “racial superiority” thing. The fact is that most Whites are White because of recessive genes. Blonde hair and blue eyes are recessive. The more intermarriage there is, the fewer blue eyed, blonde haired people there will be. There is an innate aversion to the end of one’s race.

    The weird thing is, many of those same people are themselves contributing to the end of their race by using birth control — having two children, or one, or none at all — just to make their lives easier. If you are concerned about the end of your race, marry one of your own race and have lots of children!

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