Rigell has a challenger

vote_3Don’t you just love Virginia’s every-year elections? No down time for voters here. With eyes barely focused on this November’s elections, the 2014 elections are already starting.

VA02-Presidential-2012Scott Rigell, the Republican representative in the 2nd Congressional District, will face a Democratic challenger, and unless someone else steps up, that challenger will be Suzanne Patrick. The 2nd, of which I am a resident, is considered a competitive district – in 2012, Obama eked out a win – but Sabato’s Crystal Ball has it listed as “likely Republican,” VA02-Congr-2012no doubt partially on the strength of Rigell’s performance that same year.

2014 will not have the president at the top of the ticket; instead, it will be Democratic Senator Mark Warner. As of this writing, no Republican challenger has emerged for the popular former governor. Unless there is a strong contender, we may very well see light turnout across the commonwealth – which generally does not bode well for Democrats.

Ah well. We’ve got a little time yet, right?


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