ICYMI: Let’s hear details from the candidates

McAuliffe and Cuccinelli | AP Photos via Politico
McAuliffe and Cuccinelli | AP Photos via Politico

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Thursday.

Never thought I’d be longing for the days from four years ago when we were debating the merits of Bob McDonnell’s transportation plan. Yes, we – me included – spent a lot of time talking about the thesis. But we also talked about the issues. This year, not so much. This compilation by The Washington Post is about the only thing that even gives us a hint that there are issues in the gubernatorial race.

One of these two guys will be our next governor. The same is true for every single downballot race, where voters have a choice: LG, AG, and 56 of the 100 House of Delegates seats. The lack of discussion of the issues – both by the candidates and the media – is simply unacceptable. This really isn’t a popularity contest.

No wonder at least one voter is urging people to sit this one out, although it certainly is not an option I’d recommend.

I can only hope that things get better between now and November. Not that I’m expecting it.

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