Herring +117

HerringResults111113After posting the updates from Richmond, plus two votes from Montgomery County, yesterday Mark Herring took the lead in the contest to be Virginia’s Attorney General by 117 votes. The results of yesterday’s canvasses were posted to the State Board of Elections website late in the day. (Click to enlarge.)

There will be more adjustments today. All eyes have been on Fairfax, where the board is to count the provisional ballots. From the Twitter feed of the secretary of the Fairfax Electoral Board:

As has been the case for a while, Twitter is where the news is broken first. This time is no different – the information on the canvasses was posted to Twitter hours before it showed up on the official SBE website.

In addition to Fairfax, I’ll be interested to see what gets reported from Richmond as the result of the GOP request there for information on 10 precincts (on top of the 8 from yesterday).

It isn’t over yet, folks.


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