Coleman wins the 6th Senate Republican nomination

WayneColemanWayne Coleman won the Republican nomination for the 6th Senate district earlier this evening, besting attorneys Richard Ottinger and John Coggeshall.

The official tally was 1,643 votes for Coleman, 1,249 for Ottinger and 173 for Coggeshall. My spreadsheet, below, has a 1-vote difference for Coleman. I think it was because the Northampton figure was reduced by one vote – but I’m not sure. (I was inside as an observer, and watched as the numbers came in from Northampton. Somehow, the 219 got changed to 218, but I didn’t see why that was the case. It had no bearing on the outcome, though.)

Coleman will face Democrat Lynwood Lewis, who won the nomination last Saturday. A date for the special election has not been set. (Maybe we’ll have a few days’ peace from the phone calls?)



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