Norfolk’s upcoming council elections

Norfolk mermaidNorfolk council elections are coming up in May. The five small wards will be on the ballot, along with the mayor. Due to a charter change, the mayor is running for just a two-year term; subsequent mayoral elections will coincide with those of the two superwards.

But before we get to May, there’s the soon-to-be open seat in Ward 3. Hopefully, council will once again appoint someone who is not going to run for the seat in May. According to this article, it appears that may be the case.

But Ward 3 won’t go without representation. The council will name a temporary council member to fill in until the May elections, similar to what was done when Daun Hester vacated her seat to run for mayor in 2010.

In fact, Alveta Green, the same person who sat in for Ward 7 then, has reemerged as a potential temp council person for Ward 3. Green, a retired school teacher and former School Board member, has many qualities that are appealing to city officials, but none may be more attractive than her utter lack of political ambition.

In the meantime, it looks like there’s going to be a full house for Ward 3 seat in May:

Marcus Powell, a retired Marine who lives Barraud Park, is the only person who has confirmed his candidacy.

Three civic league presidents are rumored to be considering a possible run for Ward 3: Taylor Gould of Fairmount Park, Mamie Johnson of Broad Creek, and Park Place’s Rodney Jordan, who also serves on the School Board.

I’ve heard at least two other names of folks who plan to run. Definitely going to be interesting.

As for the other seats:

All the incumbents – Paul Riddick, Andy Protogyrou, Tommy Smigiel and Theresa Whibley – have said they will run again.

Mayor Paul Fraim’s reelection website, which features a revealing video on Fraim’s childhood in Norfolk, went live last month. Fraim has been mayor since 1994.


So far, no one has announced a bid to oust any of the sitting council members

I received an email a while back from Michael Muhammad, which said he plans to run for mayor. In fact, that’s what his Facebook page shows. I’ve heard rumors of a couple of challengers for other seats as well.

We’ll know soon enough. The filing deadline is March 4.


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