Recount set in the 6th for Monday

6thSenateCertifiedResultsWhile I know Democrats in the 33rd are quite happy with last night’s results, those of us in the 6th are waiting with baited breath for ours. Lynwood Lewis was certified the winner by just 9 votes and I learned last night that the recount has been set for this Monday. According to an email this morning from the campaign of Wayne Coleman, the recount will start at 8am.

All of the localities within the 6th use DRE machines, which reduces the number of ballots which will actually be recounted. Shortly after the election, I was told there were about 450 ballots. I’ve heard other estimates that there are some 1,000 paper ballots out there. Last night, I was told there are about 600.

Statistics say that the likelihood of the result being overturned is small. But I’m a believer in not counting my chickens before they hatch.

Monday can’t get here soon enough.

Oh – and by the way – this –

just stinks!


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  1. I would hardly say the weather that day was “good” (it was cold enough that you could leave a banana on your porch for twenty minutes and then use it to hammer a nail through a board) but the Quentin’s point is still fair.

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