100th House special election 2/25

100thHouseDistrictWith the election of Lynwood Lewis to the Senate, the 100th House seat becomes vacant. The special election to fill the seat has been set for February 25.

The district encompasses the Eastern Shore and 7 precincts in Norfolk plus part of an 8th precinct. (Norfolk precincts: Part of Granby plus Ocean View School, Northside, Suburban Park, Wesley, Ocean View Center, Pretlow and Crossroads.) According to VPAP, 63% of the registered voters are on the shore.

Democrats will hold a firehouse primary this Saturday, February 1, from 10am to 2pm to nominate the party’s candidate. According to the call, available on the Norfolk Democrats website, there will be four voting locations in Accomack, two in Northampton, and one in Norfolk – at Crossroads Elementary School. The filing deadline was last Friday and according to VPAP, three candidates have filed.

I could not locate the call for the Republican Party but VPAP says the nominating contest will be held Saturday, February 8, and two candidates have filed. I will update this one I have more information.

UPDATE: I have obtained a copy of the call. Republicans will nominate their candidates at a mass meeting Saturday, February 8. The meeting will be held at Nandua High School (26350 Langford Ave, Onley VA 23417), beginning at 2:30 pm.

UPDATE2: Willie Randall won the Democratic nomination


7 thoughts on “100th House special election 2/25

  1. Are you expecting Bloxom or Scalley to grab the nomination? Hard to tell who has the edge in these low turnout primaries/mass meetings. But I thought Bloxom would be a stronger candidate in the general.

  2. According to VPAP, Democrats have won this district for the statewide/local offices the past few years. Do you still think this one leans democratic? Im sure we will have much lower turnout than the state senate special election.

    1. By my calculations, McAuliffe won the district 48-46, while Obenshain won it 51-49.

      The big trouble for Democrats is that the Norfolk part of the district is so disconnected from the Eastern Shore part. If turnout is as anemic in Norfolk as it was in the SD-06 election, Randall is sunk.

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