Texas, too

Rainbow flagTexas joins the chorus of states where a federal judge has declared its marriage equality ban unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, here in Virginia, the ACLU, which has a separate lawsuit pending in the Western District of Virginia, is seeking to join with the Bostic case in the Eastern District, although it doesn’t look like an amicable pairing.

A source involved in the legal process who asked to remain anonymous told the Blade there are “grave and serious consequences for an unwarranted ACLU intervention.” These could include the possibility that other groups from West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina that fall under the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ jurisdiction could seek to join the case if allowed.

“If intervention were granted, it could adversely slow down the current appeals process – and time is critical when it comes to attaining marriage equality for all Virginians,” said the source. “There is not a day to lose. Groups like the ACLU can be supportive by simply filing amicus briefs.”

Now, now, children. Let’s make nice here. We all want the same thing.




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