Norfolk 4/28/14 financial reports

Yesterday was another filing deadline for financial reports in local races. The reports of candidates who file electronically are available for all to see on the State Board of Elections website.  A summary of the reports for Norfolk candidates is below:


A few notes:

  • My heading – “number of donors” – is actually misleading and will be corrected in the future. This is actually the number of donations as the system does not count the number of donors. If, for example, a single donor made 10 separate contributions, the report would show that as 10 donations. At this level, when the number of donations are so small, it is easy to see (on Schedule A of the reports) that the number of donations and the number of donors are not the same. That the campaigns report it this way doesn’t make it right – and I will fix it from here on out. (No time today.)
  • I don’t have a column for outstanding loan balances, but three candidates have them. Take a look at Schedule F of the reports for Mamie Johnson, James Driggers and Tommy Smigiel for details.
  • I also don’t have a column for noncash contributions. These are always interesting to look at – see Schedule B of the reports. Note that noncash contributions are also included as disbursements.
  • Both of the Ward 5 candidates amended their previous financial reports so the beginning cash on hand balances don’t match the ending cash on hand balances in my earlier post.

I already know that I just won’t have time to do this for the other cities. Please check out the SBE website for the reports on the candidates running there.