High school reading & math proficiency low

Less than half of 12th-graders can read or do math proficiently:

MathReadingThere is little good news in the results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Just 26 percent of 12th-grade students scored as proficient or better in mathematics in 2013. In reading, 38 percent were proficient or better. And there has been no improvement in 12th-graders’ scores since 2009, the last time students took the tests.

Information from the study can be found here.

This is a disgrace.



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  1. Sorry this is off topic, but have you heard any news about if there will be an attempt at running a candidate against Randy Forbes in the 4th? There is still time, with June 10 being the deadline for nominees being selected for each district, but it seems that for several districts we just aren’t even bothering. We only have a guarantee of a nominee for 5 districts (2nd, 3rd, 8th, 10th, and 11th). The 5th is holding a convention May 31, but it has gotten minimal coverage, and I’ve heard that the local people are considering whether they would be better off with nobody. The Democrats could leave 6 out of 11 seats uncontested, more than every state but Texas. This is just pathetic.

    I see anytime someone asks about possible candidates for these different races people giving incorrect information about the filing deadline being passed, or just saying that there is no reason to just run somebody. It distresses me that we can’t have being properly informed about the filing deadlines. And while no candidate may be better than a bad candidate (a la former fake candidate Mike Dickinson in the 7th), the local committee can select a nominee by any method of their choosing, so any unacceptable candidate can just be rejected. But a “some dude” can be much better than nothing, and in many states has ended up building into a top candidate in a future race (check Lee Rogers, unheralded challenger to Buck McKeon for CA-25 in 2012, now a top recruit in a competitive race).

    It would be nice to see an effort at getting someone to run against Forbes this year. If unchallenged, he will be one of the most competitive districts without a Democrat, and he isn’t even a moderate. If the committee can’t find a candidate, maybe they could post information for how any potential candidates can express their interest. But the state, district, and county websites generally do not even make reference to this year’s congressional election unless there is already a candidate (and the 4th district committee doesn’t even have a website, Facebook, or Twitter).

    Thanks Vivian, if anyone had a clue what was going on in trying to challenge Forbes I figured you were the best bet.

  2. That’s even more sad considering that most students in low performing areas never even make it to the 12th grade and those that do are the “best” of the ‘best’

  3. Hi,
    And yes, we keep electing the same City Council here in Norfolk that has been failing us for some time. The buck stops there. They fund the schools with the $330+ million dollars and then wash their hands of it.

    Now you know why some are gathering petition signatures for an elected school board in Norfolk. Accountability cannot be had from City Council or the current appointed school board-so these Norfolk citizens are trying to force accountability from a different tack.

    And….I suppose there are folks on City Council that can tell us why teachers are putting up with disruptive students with discipline problems to prop up NPS graduation rates. That is the rumor on the street.

    They gripe about No Child Left Behind-but they will do anything to hang on to the 25 million in funding from the Feds for it.

    So, what else might be going on in Norfolk Public Schools? Who knows.

    Let’s start the discussion.

    P. Brown

    1. Its not teachers, its administrators. They force the teachers to lie on the attendance records and change kids grades to keep their numbers up. When they complain they are reassigned or denied promotion. When Dr. Bentley was the superintendent, he cleaned house and fired most of the top level administrators. Then he got fired, Dr. King was brought on, and hired most of those people back.

      It’s not a funding or a teacher problem, its a leadership problem. The school board, Dr. King, and the administration below him.

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